Production Wokflow

keep your production process flowing in an organized fashion.

What Is Production Workflow

Get rid of those out-of-date spreadsheets and multiple to-do-sticky notes for managing your production workflow. production Workflow webapp is designed to keep your production process flowing in an organized fashion.


Granular Permissions

Control who can submit forms, approve entries, modify values and view the status. By default users can only see the status of their own submissions. Support for field level access.


Delay a workflow step until a specified date or until a specified period of time has elapsed; particularly useful when configuring a series of emails to drip feed content over a period of time.

powerful & Flexible

Configure as many Workflow Steps as you need. Drag and drop them into the right order, activate/deactivate them and add new ones as your process adapts.


Vacation requests, Purchase Orders, Admissions Forms, RFPs, Project Initiation Plans, Case Management… any form that requires a process.

Involve Anyone

Assign Steps to Users, Roles, or Email Addresses. Assignees do not need a user account in order to participate in workflows.


Reports display charts by form, step and assignee so you can identify bottlenecks before they arise.

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